Add A Victorian Cottage House Plans

Victorian cottage house plans – Many people live in old Victorian houses because they enjoy classical architecture. They fall in love with the design of these buildings. But after spending several years in a Victorian house, most people would like to improve it when it comes to bathrooms, wardrobes, or even an open floor plan. In addition to this, there is often no such thing as an open space, but a number of rooms that are connected. However, there are more ways to update a Victorian house and preserve its atmosphere.

Luxury Victorian Cottage House Plans


Open the rooms in Victorian cottage house plans. Do not try to remove entire walls in the house to get more space and create an illusion of open spaces. Instead of doing this, cut the vaults or openings in the existing structure of the house. Leave some decorative columns or a partial wall that will offer structural support to the house. Add additional storage. You can find lots of storage spaces in crutches or niches of any Victorian house. Convert the space between stairs to a convenient wardrobe. Place poles laterally in the narrow wardrobes to optimize the space and to have easy access to the clothes.

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Rethink features the rooms in the house. Many Victorian cottage house plans have a formal dining room and many small bedrooms no longer needed in modern times. Be creative about different ways to use the rooms in the house. Change the application of the rooms and add a touch of freshness to the existing ones with a little remodeling. Build an extension to the original Victorian house. Leave the original house just as it is, so that any future owner of the house will be able to remove the extension without damaging the old house.

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