Decorate A Santa Cruz Tree House

Santa Cruz tree house – Decorating a tree house can be a fun project for all parents who want to customize their children’s backyard hold. Incorporating a theme can add adventure, and a military motive is no exception. With a little effort and necessities, a military-themed tree house can be created in a few days. The key word to remember is “camouflage.”

Amazing Santa Cruz Tree House


Check everything you buy is either Santa Cruz tree house or matching camouflage color patterns. If camouflage is desert colored, then yellow, tan and mid-brown shades are acceptable. Woodland camouflage can be matched with olive green, forest green and even a muted aquamarine stone. Something that obviously crashes with these colors will immediately derive from military style appearance.

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Install load nets as the main way to get in and out of the tree house. A ladder can be used for secondary entry and exit. If your Santa Cruz tree house residents need some help, place a ladder directly behind the cargo net or paint roast with a camouflage pattern. Line at least one wall of load netting and install different hooks on it for their “military” tools, such as dining rooms and binoculars. Draw a rough map of the neighborhood and hang it on the same wall. For even more dramatic feel, a pointer includes for use with the map. Decorate other walls and doors with military theme posters such as Uncle Sam “I wish you” the poster. Images on movie stars in military uniforms can also increase the theme.

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