Decorating Ideas 5 Bedroom Cape Cod House Plans

5 bedroom Cape Cod house plans – Choose color colors that blend well into your existing furniture and decor. In some cases, the same color may work throughout the Cape Cod house, but not always. Neutral shades like beige or light brown match modern or rustic decor. Pastel colors like baby blue, purple or yellow can also work with floral or happy decor. Choose the same color for rooms that border, such as the living room and dining room.

Southern 5 Bedroom Cape Cod House Plans

You can get a little more creative with individual rooms, especially if you have a different theme in each room. 5 bedroom Cape Cod house plans generally have a big master room and a smaller room, but sometimes each room is the same size. Choose a theme for each room, and choose the color that matches each theme. Accent walls also work well in apartments. Choose a dark color, such as forest green, plum or burgundy, for an accent wall and leave all the remaining walls white.

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Additional Accents

Additional accents throughout your 5 bedroom Cape Cod house plans can make this space more inviting for potential guests. Place small palms or other potted plants in an empty corner of the couch, and decorate your window pan with extra potted herbs and other small plants. Place cozy carpets in the living room and bedroom, and hang up some of your own art on the walls. Use your porch as an extra-deck space, and place a table and chair set along with plants in this area.

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