Homemade Log Cabin Houses

Log cabin houses – Most builders currently prefer to use the term log cabin to identify a specific type of wood architecture. It is even necessary to clarify whether the elements are made of natural wood or imitations made of concrete. The log cabin is a type of house in general small and rural. But you can also find large constructions with this material and the particular construction system used.

Log Cabin Houses Plan

If you want one of these log cabin houses, you should inquire with the builders of log cabins. Since it requires knowledge and special skills achieved through experience to build this specific type of dwellings. There are two types of wooden cabins that most builders usually do. One of them is the traditional log cabin. These houses are built with logs that have been peeled. But have not changed their natural appearance when they were part of the trees. The works are done with blades and axes.

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The second type is the hut of crushed log cabin houses of reconstituted wood. Also known as a reconstructed log cabin. This construction is composed of trunks that have been formed with ground wood which becomes new wooden trunks of different sizes and appearances. Builders of log cabins use wood with different degrees of humidity. While the log cabin is built in an artisan way, the builder dries the wood so that it stabilizes with the weather.

12 Homemade Log Cabin Houses Photos