Make A Simple Tiny House Log Cabin

Tiny house log cabin – Wood huts have been a simple and affordable popular option for a home. A wooden cabin can be very elaborate or as simple as you wish. Here is the basic outline of how to build a simple log cabin. When choosing a location for your log cabin. It is important that you choose an elevated position. Or an area that you know will remain relatively dry throughout the year. Swamplands or a place on the bottom of a hill where the water that falls through it accumulates are not ideal sites for a wooden structure like a cabin.

Good Tiny House Log Cabin

Start by clearing the soil of any brush that might interfere with the construction process and level the soil as much as possible. Depending on the size of the hut, you may want to build a concrete base. Or simply use large logs as frames. And then, place them parallel to each other at the corners to form the main structure tiny house log cabin.

The choice of wood for your tiny house log cabin is the most important structural decision you will make. Carving your own logs is a labor-intensive option. But there are logging companies that offer logs cut by hand or machine in a variety of sizes. The dimensions of your cabin will depend on the size of the trunks. The general rule is that the smaller the cabin, the smaller the trunks will be.

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