New England Cape Cod House Plans Idea

New England cape cod house plans are a schematic drawing of the intended design of a home. A house plan is used to give a general idea of ​​a home layout and size, while a blueprint will specify exactly where windows, doors, wiring and plumbing will go.

Modern New England Cape Cod House Plans


Determine the outer dimensions of your home and pull out the perimeter of the New England Cape Cod house plans on checked paper. If you draw a two-story house, draw the second story on a new paper. Remember that the perimeter of the second story should be the same as the first level, less than the first level or only slightly larger so that the first story can support the second story.

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Mark the front and back of the home on each story, and remember where you will be in the New England Cape Cod house plans. Determine which room you want to place on the front of your home and which rooms you want to place on the backside. Draw in the inner walls that the section will remove the rooms. You may need to delete and draw these lines several times to bring a design that fits your needs or layout ideas as you like. Think about things you might want for home final design, including if you want an open plan living room, kitchen and dining room.

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Tips and warnings

Use the network or computer programs to create house plans on your computer and easily print them as a reference.

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