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Single story Cape Cod house plans is a single level home that offers a comfortable and manageable layout for anyone who wants to avoid stairs. The ranch design can spread in any direction on a large party, or given a small batch, it can be designed to make the most of the available space. A ranch house can also be built over a basement, yet retaining easy accessibility to ranch style. With some imagination and some smart thinking your floor plan will easily take shape.

Single Story Cape Cod House Plans Wide


Plan ahead. Think about your current and future needs. A typical single story Cape Cod house plans is built in a rectangle, L or U shape. The simple design makes every room in the house easy to reach. Check with your city or county building standards. Height will not be a problem with a ranch style home, but the plot of landslides, wells, septic tank placement or knocking into the city’s infrastructure will determine exactly where you can place your house.

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Determine the optimal orientation for your single story Cape Cod house plans. Consider other houses around you, the landscape, topography and exposure to sunlight. Use plain paper so that a box on the paper is equal to one foot in the house design. For example, a 40-foot with 24-foot rectangular house will use 40 squares with 24 squares. Section of the rooms on your plan using the same box corresponds to a foot scale.

Tips and warnings

A single story Cape Cod house plans is especially good for elderly people or people who cannot negotiate stairs.

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